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Meet Our Team

Alex R. Thomas

Founder and Buyer

A passionate coffee marketing pioneer, Alex started one of the first coffee social marketing program tailored for independent entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to make money in the coffee industry selling fresh roasted organic coffee.

Hatari Jumbe

Commercial Film Director

Hatari is a film director and producer for commercials.

Venetia S. Lyons

Co-Founder and Buyer

Venetia has considerable retail coffee experience. She handles all the inside sales and customer services issues for the company.

Shawn Milmine

Fundraising Director

Shawn is the director of fundraising. He help assist Churches, Schools, Non-Profit and Businesses with the money raising efforts.

Benjamin Drummer

Accountant and Buyer

Ben is our head accountant and buyer. He is a coffee broker.

Pastor Harvey Presberry

Cafe Franchise Director

Pastor Presberry builder of over 50 homes for low income families in Detroit with a 10 million dollar fund comes to Ooh Wee Coffee to direct our Coffee Cafe Franchisees for our Social Partner Network.



The Coffee Revolution is here at Ooh Wee Coffee. Empowering Entrepreneurs to capitalize with a investment in the 75 Billion a year industry is our main goal. Our Skills are creating platforms by which coffee can enrich the lives of people around the world.

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